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About Us

We are a passionate team of builders with superior expertise in the planning, development and construction of truly distinctive residences for a diverse client base.

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Exceptional Quality

At Sivanta, we are committed to quality in everything we do. From the construction process to our excellent workmanship, our team strives to ensure more value for your money, which is why we never compromise on quality construction materials. We use only TMT for the Foundation, Premium Quality Cement and Sand, 1st Quality Teak Wood as well as Anchor Roma Electrical Fittings to safeguard your family and your investment.


Superior Construction

Our highly efficient construction process is planned foremost with a list of objectives that benefit you, the homeowner. All our residences are up to code, and ensure safety, security, and structural integrity. Each room, floor as well as the common areas are designed and executed with the homeowner’s comfort and privacy in mind.


Remarkable Durability

Our highly skilled team uses our innovative building techniques to assure the homeowner of a lower maintenance and life cycle cost. The structure is designed with reinforced concrete frames, best quality pipes, plumbing materials, paint, plaster and fittings, ensuring the Sivanta guarantee of minimum wear and tear, long after you make your home with us.

Ongoing Projects


Nestled within a lush green landscape, Vana Garden offers an exceptional residential enclave, featuring a limited collection of just 8 Vaastu-compliant apartments spanning 3 floors. Our thoughtfully crafted residences are a testament to brightness, space, and elegance, providing an ideal haven for nuclear families. Beyond the meticulously designed living spaces,

Enjoy seamless access to medical facilities, supermarkets, and educational institutions, ensuring convenience at your doorstep

Furthermore, our dedication to ensuring your peace of mind makes Vana Garden the perfect destination for a tranquil and secure living experience.

Our Projects


Marina is an exclusive residential community, surrounded by greenery with 8 Vaastu compliant apartments spread over 3 floors. Our meticulously...
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Atlantis, a community surrounded by greenery and freshwater, offers 16 Vaasthu-compliant apartments on 4 blocks. The two-bedroom apartments are spacious...
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Within two blocks, Marvel Homes offer 8 apartments in 2 BHK and 3 BHK categories. We offer the highest UDS...
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Under-construction properties can be resold, but the buyers may wish to pay off over time until the construction is completed. You can yield good resale value provided the construction is robust and the building is fairly new.

Property tax is the tax that the government levies on real estate properties including land plots and buildings. Typically, the bigger the value of the property, the higher the tax amount payable for it.

The negotiation can be based on factors including the area of the apartment, whether it is furnished or not, the locality and amenities in it.

You should verify the following documents before purchasing: current property ownership documents going back to ten to twelve years, the seller’s ID, documents related to the land use and also the construction approvals, documents that prove that taxes and other claims on the property have been settled, relevant No Objection Certificates and also documents that prove the property complies with norms set by the Real Estate Regulatory Authority.

If lump sum for the purchase cannot be procured, a housing loan is the most common way to finance it. The eligibility for loan will depend on factors including your profession and annual income.

First of all, check if every utility is in working order: including doors, windows, electrical utilities,water faucets, air conditioning/heater and the toilets and sinks. Make note of any damages like leakages, faulty wiring and torn window screens. Closely inspect safety measures around the house including the gates and other areas of access to the building as well as CCTV cameras. Walk around the exterior of the house/building and observe the condition of the construction. Please note that all answers provided here are for general information and not meant as legal/financial counsel.